What security audio and video applications have you had experience with and what is the best IP cameras with audio you used?

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We have used vivotech Ip camera in one of our corporate client's fire exit door monitoring purpose and the result is as expected and the client is satisfied.
Audio detection complements video motion detection very well because it reacts to events in areas that are too dark for the video motion detector to pick up on.

Audio detection alarms can be programmed so that when any sound (glass breaking, voices in a room, etc.) is detected, they can trigger an IP camera to:

Send & record video and audio
Send email or other alerts
Active external devices - Alarms, floodlights
Trigger a PTZ IP camera to automatically pan to a preset location to begin recording

Audio detection can be enabled all time, at specific times, or disabled. It can also be configured to trigger an event if a sound level rises above, falls below, or passes a certain level of sound intensity. Sony IP Cameras has a great video demonstration of this function here:

Sony Advanced Audio Detection

Some of the applicable Sony IP cameras and video servers that have this feature can be found here:

Sony SNC-CH140
Sony SNC-RS46N
Sony SNT-EX101

Axis offers a camera, the Axis 207MW that offers one-way audio with a built in mic while the Axis M1054 offers two-way audio support with a built-in mic and speaker.





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