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Honeywell is one of the largest companies in the security industry. Not surprisingly, Honeywell offers many different access control offerings. Because of this, it can easily become confusing to determine differences and best fits.

In this, our first in a series profiling access control providers, we dig into Honeywell's access offerings, explaining their applications, pricing and competitive positioning.

To start with, Honeywell’s offerings are divided into two categories:

Honeywell Access Systems which are sold through distribution (namely ADI) and also called the CSS (Commercial Security Systems) line,
Honeywell Integrated Security which are products sold directly to dealers.

Part of the challenge is that multiple levels of products exist on the 'distribution' and 'dealer' sides. These products include Win-Pak, N-Star, NetAXS, PRO2200 and 4 levels of Pro-Watch. Inside the Pro section, we break down and explain each one.

Making it more challenging is that some of these product lines across different categories overlap. Historically, distribution product has been targeted at alarm dealers, and fitting in small/medium business and K-12 applications (although it has been installed in pretty much every vertical). By contrast, the Honeywell Integrated line has been targeted more at enterprise customers: large corporate accounts, military, and health care. Pro-Watch is available in versions that compete favorably against WIN-PAK, however, blurring the use case for each. Inside the Pro section, we provide recommendations on best fits and key competitive alternatives

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