I was really surprised at the comment that one does not see a great deal of integration between access control and video surveillance. My firm and I have been designing integrated security systems that fully integrate video surveillance, access control (security management systems), and security communications not to mention perimeter control and vehicle control.

Most legitimate security management systems are able to act as the intelligent hub that allows integration with many other security, and non-security systems. As an example, a recently completed school district design is fully integrated, and provides the following type of function:

Should a young elementary student leave their school, whether by accident or having been lured outside by a criminal element, as soon as they open the door, the nearest camera immediately zooms-in on the door, displaying the event on video monitors at both the main office of the elementary school, as well as at a central command center at another school in the district.

Simultaneously, an alert is indicated on the security management system at both the local school office, and at the central command center. This is but one example of the integration of the system. Incidentally, the same design can use both analog and digital cameras, and utilizes "green" technology in all electronics. The same system also utilizes both cable and wireless technology.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding something here about integration.

David S. McCann

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