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Go Digital with enVigil

How to manage your multi location business effectively using enVigil Video Surveillance System

Author: Lifestyle Writer

Multi location business is such a chanllenge to manage.4024_1290962475_420_4024.jpg

Multi Location Business can be in following sectors

  • Retail- beauty product, clothing stores, malls, shops, pharmacy ete

  • Hospitability- hotels, motels, restaurants, Food chains, coffees shops

  • Travel companies

  • Mobile companies - Mobile shops, phone companies, telephone towers,

  • Factories

  • Sofware and hardware firms

  • Banking- bank branches, currency chests, ATMs

  • City Surveillance- Trafic control, City Squares

Monitoring suce businesses without Audio and Visual inputs will be really difficult.

Cradle Technologies offers enVigil IP+ solution for distributed multi location businesses.

They also have a concept of Business Surveillance PC that will allow you to monitor your business remotely.

Here are the challenges for the Multi Location Businesses

Internet connectivity is expensive and not assured all the time
Electrical supply goes on and off all the time
Bandwidth fluctuates and connection to the IP Camera is lost
As number of Cameras increase bandwidth Requirement increases
Static IP is needed to be entered again & again if the camera is reset
Anybody can access IP Camera no security is there for the video data

Local storage is given if the connection is lost
Bandwidth adaptability feature allows you to access on low bandwidth
Works on low bandwidth even using data card you can access enVigil
Video Data goes over built in VPN assuring security of the data
Local and Remote archiving is possible
Experience Smooth video remotely
Manage the security system remotely view forensic data, manage users etc
Each multi location video server is on distributed network demanding less bandwidth.

enVigil (IP+) Product line is available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera system.

enVigil NVR

enVigil IP+ is an advanced IP based NVR (Network Video Recorder) offering easy integration and management of MJPG/MPEG4/H.264 IP cameras of popular brands. It provides excellent remote viewing and monitoring of live and archived video on usually available bandwidth. enVigil IP+ NVR is a Linux based system which makes it a stable and secure platform. Video data is streamed over the Internet encrypted thus providing enhanced data security.

Do visit Cradle Technologies and also send email to enquiry@cradle.com for more info

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/management-articles/how-to-manage-your-multi-location-business-effectively-using-envigil-video-surveillance-system-3763102.html

About the Author

Lifestyle editor and writer for fashion, product reviewer.

How to migrate DVR into IP system leveraging existing infrastructure?

How to migrate DVR into IP system leveraging existing infrastructure?

1. Turn your existing DVR 'IP enabled and remotely accessible using enVigil NVS+

( Networked Video Server) without changing analog cameras. Our Video Server comes with storage.

1. Add NVR- enVigil IP+ add new IP cameras to your current infrastructure.
2. Use Central Management System to access any camera of your choice across DVR and NVR

Cradle Technology offers:

1. enVigil IP+ - 4, 8, 16, 32 Cameras - Our Plug and Play IP series
2. enVigil E ( Enterprise)- 8, 16, 32 Cameras - upgrades analog DVR to Digital and remote accessible
3. Central Management System - integrates envigil IP+ and enVigil E and gives seamless visibility of cameras across IP and analog technologies. Also can work with only analog or only IP solution offered by Cradle Technologies.

enVigil NVS+ ( Video Server) and enVigil IP+ ( NVR) operates on regular bandwidth and still enables remote viewing. Even using a data card ( Verizon or Reliance) one can access 32 channels live with smooth viewing experience offered by enVigil's bandwidth adaptability feature. Using enVigil Product Line it is easy to access multiple locations from anywhere, anytime. Just upgrade your old DVR system to enVigil Networked Video Server (reuse existing wiring,cameras) & make your CCTV system Modern & full featured. For new expansion add enVigil IP+ ( NVR) with IP Cameras and seamlessly integrate both with enVigil CMS. You get real time pre set SMS & email Alerts & capability to access property by iPhone, Blackberry or PDA real time. View Forensic Recording remotely & fully manage enVigil CCTV remotely. You can use enVigil CCTV product line to access your property for security & also go beyond security to monitor business processes & staff resulting in increased profits. enVigil transfers all Video Data over VPN ( virtual Private network) securely while traveling over Internet so nobody can snoop in your property. Large 2 TB storage can be built in the system, add extended storage via Networked Attached Storage ( NAS).

Fully networked compact enVigil Video Servers (analog and IP+ video servers) users can access from LAN, WAN, Mobile

enVigil product line is great for remote monitoring your business and multi location businesses since you can access multiple enVigil Video Servers from any where in the world.

Why enVigil product line?

* Save on existing infrastructure use enVigil NVS+
* Add new infrastructure with modern enVigil IP+ with new IP technology that has capability to add HD, Mega Pixel and Panoramic Cameras
* Inbuilt VPN for secure video data transmission
* Works on low bandwidth
* Distributed architecture
* Rapid deployment
* Smart system delivers system down alerts via email and SMS
* Software upgradable systems
* Great Remote viewing experience.


Special Offering for Banks.

Special Offering for Banks in India :

enVigil IP+ NVR for banking

enVigil NVS+ Video Server for banking

enVigil Central Management System – CMS for seamlessly integrating IP solution enVigil IP+ (NVR) & enVigil NVS network video server.

Special offering for Currency Chests

Cradle Technologies special offering for Bank Currency Chests to convert their

Analog CCTV into networked, Remotely accessible Networked Video Server without changing cameras and existing infrastructure.

As the government initiative for changing DVRS into Networked Video Servers and IP

Based technology cradle’s NVSS offers the best solution for the bank currency chests.

Do visit www.cradle.com to find out more about our product line.

Following is the summary of enVigil features:

1. True Networked Video Server. A Generation ahead of any CCTV / DVR system.
2. High Clarity Remote Access Capability of Video and Audio.
3. Video over the network is encrypted and fully secured. Virtual Private Network capability prevents unauthorized access.
4. Specific user can be assigned to access the selected cameras using Private Camera Capability.
5. Static IP is not required. Dynamic DNS support is included.
6. Highly efficient use of Video Storage by deploying the most advanced video compression techniques.
7. 100% standards compliant H.264 and MPEG-4 implementation enables viewing interoperability. The system can be used with any windows based PC.
8. Intelligent management of video storage (through motion detection, sensors and event-driven alarms).
9. Real time alerts with snapshot through emails and SMS.
10. Online Audio Capability for all cameras.
11. Comprehensive Configuration and management facility is available locally as well remotely.
12. Daily Log sheet for cameras and system activities can be generated for audit purpose.
13. The video data can be archived locally or remotely.
14. Branch office NVSS system can also store the recorded video data on Network Attached Storage (NAS).
15. Can manage PTZ cameras remotely.
16. Can support 8 camera, 16 camera and 32 camera configurations.
17. The system is built on a Linux platform for reliability and stability.
18. Up to 2.0 Terabytes of storage is available
19. Optional RAID can be installed to provide higher reliability of stored data.
20. enVigil comes bundled with CradleWatch server and client software.

Also we offer enVigil IP+ ( NVR)

With our Central Management System one can access our enVigil NVS+ ( Video Server) and enVigil IP + (NVR) seamlessly on LAN and WAN.

low cost, low bandwidth security solution

To make a affordable security solution for Retail Sector, enVigil IP + has integrated Dlink 910 and 920 wireless camera.

enVigil iP+ commercial grade works with Panasonic Net Cameras, Axis cameras and now with Dlink 910 cameras.

enVigil IP+ Professional will work with all of the above cameras and also with Sanyo HD and also Dlink Megapixal 2102 and Axis cameras.

For pricing and more information contact me at md@cradle.com

We sell the solution as software only or hard ware and software solution as well.

We are known for our low bandwidth adaptability and Secure transmission over VPN

contact us at contact@cradle.com

Parking Lot Security

Parking Lot Security
A Lot of crimes or lead to the crime can be found out if the parking lots are monitored by the security system.
In retail malls or at office buildings parking lots are large and not monitored with a lot of activity of cars coming and going,
It is important for forensic reasons to find out what really happened. Also it is great to have such evidence handy when there is some accident in the parking lot and some Insurance liability can be avoided with the proof that you have.
Also the business does get reduction on insurance premium if you have the video surveillance in place.

One can use wide angle cameras, night vision cameras, hidden cameras etc according to the need of the business and parking lot.

www.cradle.com's enVigil IP+ solution offers a great solution using the wireless techniques to avoid wiring and digging of your finished parking lot.

Our system works with various wireless options and provides you complete solution using wired and wireless techniques according to yoru unique situation.

enVigil IP+

enVigil (IP+) Product line is available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera system. Contact us for pricing.

enVigil (IP+) 4 NVR Pre-packaged solution for you.

enVigil (IP+) 4 NVR is a pre-packaged video surveillance solution consisting of a Network Video Recorder (NVR). and four Panasonic cameras (wired or wireless).

Customers have an option of choosing Sanyo or Axis HD cameras instead of Panasonic cameras.

enVigil (IP+) 4 is a Linux Based NVR solution. It is a highly flexible and cost-efficient solution supporting Megapixel IP cameras.

enVigil (IP+) 4 NVR comes with unique features such as secure transmission of Video data and bandwidth adaptability for ensuring the best remote viewing experience.

Administrative access for configuring recording schedule and user privileges have been made easy. Users have easy access to recorded data using Mobile Phone and 3G technology.

enVigil (IP+) 4 is the most suitable NVR solution for retailers, homes, banks, small offices and other commercial or residential buildings.

enVigil (IP+) 4 connects to enVigil client (eWatch) which allows motion based or continuous recording and instant playback.

Web / Mobile Viewer (client) is available
enVigil System Overview
Component Description
eWatch (Client) eWatch is the client in the server-client architecture. eWatch connects remotely to enVigil NVR

* Monitor live video (up to 4 channel)
* Playback recorded video (up to 4 channel)

eWatch logins to enVigil (IP+) 4 NVR can be done as 3 different user groups privileges: administrator, power user, user. Each user group has its own distinctive privilege in system configuration, live view camera, access to private cameras and playback camera.
Remote Playback System (Client) Remote Playback application can playback 4 channels of recording
Plug and Play enVigil (IP+) 4 NVR is a plug and play system. Cameras can be connected to the network using Wifi network, Ethernet over Power) (EoP and, Mesh Technology etc.

Cradle’s patent pending central server enables plug and play thus eliminating the need for port forwarding.

Web / Mobile Viewer (client)

* eWatch can both display live video (4 channel) and playback recordings (4 channel) on remote server.
* i-Phone and Safari or any web browser can stream video from enVigil (IP+) 4

Next step of video surveillance goes beyond security

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video surveillance and video analytics
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Some of the pros and cons of installing dome enclosure vs. traditional box enclosure

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* Recognizable facial images, License plates and more.
* One can zoom in to get a clear picture
* High resolution images stored.

What are the trade offs?

* Pricing is higher for the cameras
* More storage
* More bandwidth is required

Please discuss more with your point of view

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2. DDNS is not there

3. Remote will be locked often

4. Power supply has no warrenty

5. Spot out will not the sequence

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